The purpose of the organization

The largest wind power plant in Ukraine, Botiivska WPP in Zaporozhye

The union of caring and conscious citizens around the goals of the Organization for the joint development and implementation of social projects and the necessary actions aimed at improving the country’s environment.

Our goals

  • protect the biodiversity of Ukraine in all its forms
  • prevention of air pollution and abuse,
    fresh water and land
  • educate people in social responsibility
  • to draw the attention of citizens to topical issues of the environment and the protection of aquatic biological resources
  • create an ecological society

Environmental Policy of the Organization

The primary task is to balance the socio-ecological processes: the rights and obligations of citizens, the use and restoration of resources, the ownership of natural resources and the responsibility for them, economic activity and compensation for damages to nature.
This is the basis for changing the environmental policy model towards sustainable development.

Solar power station in the city of Tokmak with a capacity of 50 MW