ECOCONTROL Activity Program

Criteria for achieving the main objectives of environmental policy

1. The problem of garbage and waste

  • adopt a state program for construction of landfills for municipal solid waste (MSW),
  • waste incineration and recycling plants
    Adopt a law granting concessions to the areas in which the landfills and incinerators are located
  • adopt a law that would ban the “export” of garbage outside the region

Every day 100 tons of garbage are brought to the dump in Gostomel

2. The problem of СО2 waste

  • adopt a state program of phased transition to the Euro-5 standard
  • to ban the import into the territory of Ukraine of used cars that do not correspond to modern ones environmental requirements

Air pollution engine exhaust

3. Control of industrial enterprises

  • adopt a law on encouraging industrial enterprises to modernize fixed assets
    energy efficiency, which will improve the state of the environment
  • adopt a law on an effective system for monitoring emissions to the environment
    industrial enterprises
  • view permissive and control functions of the Ministry of Ecology, State Ecological
    Inspection, SES, local state administrations and other instances

4. Saving black soil

  • Adopt a law to strengthen the responsibility for the mismanagement of land. Provide for the possibility of a ban on companies operating on the ground that do not comply
    crop rotation rules
  • adopt a law requiring manufacturers not to deplete the soil by continuous planting
    “Heavy” crops (sunflower, rape, etc.)
  • intensify the work of public services and public organizations that monitor crop rotation
  • Adopt a law on food security, which would determine measures to preserve
    multicultural and ecological purity of Ukrainian agriculture

5. Water pollution

  • adopt a state river cleaning program, especially
  • increased responsibility for water pollution
  • adopt state programs to stop the use of phosphate-containing detergents

Pollution of the Dnieper LLC “Pharma Group”

6. Forest conservation

  • extend the moratorium on the export of timber and lumber in its raw form
  • adopt a law that would definitely forbade the export of roundwood and seriously
    would limit the export of wood shallow depth processing
  • adopt the state program of forest restoration
  • adopt a law on the protection of forest belts

Mass illegal logging in the Karpaty