The State Coinspection obliged Kagarlyk Municipal Enterprise “Miskrembudservis” to pay UAH 7 million in losses for waste management


The State Coinspection has obliged Kagarlyk Municipal Enterprise “Miskrembudservis” to pay UAH 7 million in damages for non-compliance with a number of regulations, in particular, regarding waste management.
The State Coinspection carried out an unscheduled inspection of the Kagarlyk municipal enterprise “Miskrembudservis”, during which it found non-compliance with a number of instructions regarding waste management. The damage caused by environmental disturbances amounts to more than 7 million hryvnias.
Among the unfulfilled instructions:
• burial of solid household waste at the landfill in violation of the rules of operation of landfills;
• waste is not compacted and covered with insulating material to prevent fire;
• there are no real rights to the land plot for landfilling;
• the impact of the landfill on the environment is not monitored;
• design and technical documentation for the landfill has not been developed.
For the revealed violations the State Ecoinspection calculated and presented the claim of KP “Miskrembudservis” for compensation of losses in the amount of 7 077 023 hryvnias. The head of the DEI stressed that in case the company refuses to pay these funds voluntarily, the State Coinspection will go to court.