NKREKP does not fulfill the conditions of the “green” memorandum and violates the law


The National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Utilities (NCREP) violates the terms of the Memorandum and the Law №810 on the conditions for supporting the production of electricity from alternative sources in Ukraine. This opinion was expressed on January 6, 2021 by the Chairman of the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association Andriy Konechenkov during a briefing on the critical situation on the energy market in the Razumkov Center.
“When the Memorandum was signed, the signature was put by the Prime Minister Denis Shmygal, acting Minister of Energy Olga Buslavets, our two associations (UVEA and EUEA -ed.) and the Regulator. This memorandum was agreed with all branches of government, with all ministries. And today we see, for example, that the Ministry of Finance is refusing to implement the Memorandum and the Cabinet of Ministers can do nothing about it. And the Regulator, who signed this Memorandum, does not comply with the law at all, “Konechenkov said.
Also, the Chairman of UVEA noted that the NCREC is influenced by industrial groups, which is the reason why the commission is considering the provision of credit funds of PJSC “NEC” Ukrenergo “not in favor of” green “energy. Konechenkov hopes that the Regulator will take into account the position of investors investing in alternative energy in Ukraine.

Link https://life.znaj.ua/361012-nkrekp-ne-vikonuye-umovi-zelenogo-memorandumu-ta-porushuye-zakon-golova-uvea