Criminal proceedings were instituted against Belogorya Molokoproduct LLC due to pollution of the Horyna River


During July-September 2020, the State Ecological Inspectorate in Khmelnytsky Oblast received numerous complaints from residents of the villages of Ukrainka, Trostyanka and Bilogirya (Bilogirsky District) regarding violations of environmental legislation by the Trade House LLC Belogorya Molokoproduct.
State inspectors for environmental protection of Khmelnytsky region in December last year conducted an inspection of the territory of Belogorsk village council from the filtration fields of LLC “TD” Belogorya Molokoproduct “to the discharge of wastewater into the river Goryn, which revealed contamination of the river Goryn with wastewater. which in turn creates a negative impact on the water body and danger to the environment.
Given the current situation, and in order to take urgent measures to stop violations of environmental legislation and damage to the environment of the region, the Inspectorate immediately appealed to the Main Directorate of the National Police in Khmelnytsky region for violations of water protection rules. proceedings.