Last year, Ukraine illegally felled forests for more than UAH 400 million – the State Forestry Agency


Last year, 4,200 cases of illegal deforestation, amounting to 54.3 thousand cubic meters, were officially documented in Ukraine. According to the State Agency of Forest Resources of Ukraine, the amount of damage is estimated at 444.1 million hryvnias.
Compared to 2019, the volume of illegal logging has decreased almost 2 times (2019 – 118.2 thousand cubic meters). The determining factor in reducing the volume of illegal logging was the work of permanent mobile raid groups, which are created in each state forestry enterprise (total number – 838, in a team of 3-5 people), which patrol forests around the clock.
The State Forest Agency noted that last year such groups conducted 44.9 thousand raids. 4.6 thousand administrative protocols were drawn up and 1579.8 thousand hryvnias of administrative fines were collected, according to Art. 65 of the Code of Administrative Offenses (illegal logging) – 1.6 thousand administrative protocols in the amount of 823.7 thousand hryvnias.