International Forum on Agroecology, Sustainable Agriculture and Cooperation February 25, 2021 (Kyiv, Shulyavska St., 10/12, block V. International Institute of Management)

The main goal of the international forum is to facilitate the exchange of experience on sustainable production through agri-environmental methods.

In the program:
1) How Green Deal will affect the agro-sphere: challenges, opportunities, limitations
2) Development of effective eco-strategies for:
• minimization of pollution of water resources and atmosphere;
• optimization of the use of N in crop production;
• taking into account the impact of measures to limit NH3 emissions on other N losses.
3) Risk management in the agro-sphere.
4) Environmental problems of land management and land use in the process of reforms.
5) Problems and prospects of chemical protection.
6) Recipes for the treatment of degraded lands: technologies, methodologies, practice. The best world practices of soil improvement.
7) Integrated use of land and biological resources of agricultural landscapes, aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the process of agricultural production
8) How to get the maximum profit per hectare, reducing the pressure on the environment?
9) Possibilities of using digestate of biogas plants as organic fertilizers and soil improvers.