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На пороге экологической катастрофы: В Киеве возле завода “Радикал” отравленные почвы

In the Dnieper district of Kiev, near the former Radical plant, the soil contains extremely hazardous chemicals. The production of organochlorine pesticides, insecticides and other plant protection products was carried out on the territory of OJSC “Radical”, which led to significant contamination of soil and surface waters by persistent organic pollutants. Pollution territory is increasing […]

On the territory of Shatsk National Park the lake Svityaz was shallowly shallow – the water receded by 50 meters

The shores of the Saints now resemble in some places the former Aral Sea, which is now almost completely extinct. The lake is very shallow and the water has receded 50 meters. Last year, because of the heat from the lake evaporated more water than it received. In addition, the situation is affected by artificial […]

An eco-catastrophe is brewing near Odessa: people are suffering from cancer

Near Odessa, the environmental situation in the village of Tairove escalated – locals complain about the horrible stench due to a wastewater treatment plant, which was built in the 1970s and still has not been modernized at the site. people associate the problem with the environment. It is noted that the ecosystem in Tairov in […]

Mariupol Metallurgical Plant them. Illich paid a fine of 10 million because of environmental damage

Metinvest has paid more than 10 million damages to the state in the field of ecology in connection with the activity of the metallurgical plant named after. Ilyich in Mariupol. “During the unscheduled inspection of PJSC” MMK Ilyich “on the instructions of the Prime Minister, it was found that this enterprise violates the legislation in […]

In Ukraine there are more than 27 thousand natural landfills every year

Currently, Ukraine is in the top ten countries with the largest amount of garbage per capita. 3.74 billion tons of garbage is produced annually in Ukraine, of which only about 4% is recyclable. Every year, garbage is growing, and in Ukraine there is a real waste crisis. This was discussed during the round table “Sustainable […]

A truck driver was detained for dumping in a forest near Lviv fluorescent lamps

Landfill of fluorescent lamps was discovered in a forest plantation near the village of Zymna Voda of Pustomitivskiy district in Lviv region. Police have already installed an Iveco truck driver who dumped hazardous waste there. The issue of the arrest of the vehicle is now being resolved. As reported by the Lviv police, on February […]

“Prykarpattya needs a scrap plant for meat production waste”, – State Consumer Service

On February 14, at a press conference at the State Consumer Service of the region, they said that the Carpathian region needed a utilization plant for animal by-products. nearly 24,000 tonnes of animal by-products were produced during production in the oblast, of which 5,6 thousand were disposed of in factories of other oblasts, 5,5 tonnes. […]

Nikolaev among “leaders” in the level of pollution by exhaust gases

According to the Mykolaiv Oblast Center for Hydrometeorology, the content of formaldehyde in the air is 3-7, and sometimes 9-10 times higher than the maximum permissible concentration, nitrogen dioxide – one and a half times. Nikolaev is steadily included in ten cities of Ukraine with the dirtiest air, leaving behind even Krivoy Rog. According to […]

The Rivne protested against the construction of a woodworking enterprise

Eco-activists, residents of the town of Gorodok and hundreds of Ravens protested against the construction of the plant of the international company Kronospan, which produces sheet materials from wood. European investors plan to invest € 200 million in production. As an example, they call the environmental situation that arose with a similar enterprise in Novovolynsk. […]