Eco news

Criminal proceedings were instituted against Belogorya Molokoproduct LLC due to pollution of the Horyna River

During July-September 2020, the State Ecological Inspectorate in Khmelnytsky Oblast received numerous complaints from residents of the villages of Ukrainka, Trostyanka and Bilogirya (Bilogirsky District) regarding violations of environmental legislation by the Trade House LLC Belogorya Molokoproduct. State inspectors for environmental protection of Khmelnytsky region in December last year conducted an inspection of the territory […]

More than 73 million hryvnias of damage was caused to the air during 2020

During 2020, the territorial bodies of the SEI estimated more than 73 million hryvnias in damages for violations in the field of air protection – excessive emissions into the air, operation of polluting plants without permits, etc. In total, during 2020, the State Coinspection carried out 5,389 inspections in this area. 4052 administrative protocols were […]

In the Odesa region, sand was mined illegally, with losses exceeding UAH 100 million

Militiamen suspect the director of one of the private companies in illegal extraction of sand in the Bilyaevsky area of ​​Odessa region. According to the previous version, the private company received an official license for sand mining. However, work continued not only on officially permitted sites, but also in much larger areas. The people involved […]

Last year, Ukraine illegally felled forests for more than UAH 400 million – the State Forestry Agency

Last year, 4,200 cases of illegal deforestation, amounting to 54.3 thousand cubic meters, were officially documented in Ukraine. According to the State Agency of Forest Resources of Ukraine, the amount of damage is estimated at 444.1 million hryvnias. Compared to 2019, the volume of illegal logging has decreased almost 2 times (2019 – 118.2 thousand […]

The State Coinspection has calculated more than 100 million hryvnias of losses for emissions of pollutants from PJSC Kostopil Glassware Plant

During the inspection of PJSC “Kostopil Glassware Plant” by the Polissya District Inspectorate, it was found that the company had been operating for 5 months in the absence of permits for emissions into the atmosphere. This is a gross violation of the laws “On Atmospheric Air Protection” and “On Environmental Protection”. The total amount of […]

In Ukraine, the order of the Ministry of Ecology came into force, which will accrue fines for land pollution 6 times more

Due to the update of the document, the amount of compensation calculated by the State Coinspection for particularly strong and strong levels of pollution will increase 4-6 times, and for the average – 2-3 times. Simply put, violators who dump chemicals into the soil will pay more for their abuse. During the 11 months of […]

The State Coinspection obliged Kagarlyk Municipal Enterprise “Miskrembudservis” to pay UAH 7 million in losses for waste management

The State Coinspection has obliged Kagarlyk Municipal Enterprise “Miskrembudservis” to pay UAH 7 million in damages for non-compliance with a number of regulations, in particular, regarding waste management. The State Coinspection carried out an unscheduled inspection of the Kagarlyk municipal enterprise “Miskrembudservis”, during which it found non-compliance with a number of instructions regarding waste management. […]

NKREKP does not fulfill the conditions of the “green” memorandum and violates the law

The National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Utilities (NCREP) violates the terms of the Memorandum and the Law №810 on the conditions for supporting the production of electricity from alternative sources in Ukraine. This opinion was expressed on January 6, 2021 by the Chairman of the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association Andriy Konechenkov during […]

In Bukovyna, the remains of a bird were dumped near a landfill

Hundreds of kilograms of poultry waste were found in a landfill in Bukovyna. The landfill is located at a distance of 7 km from Zastavna. On December 18, specialists of the Zastavnivska District State Hospital took samples of the material to exclude infectious diseases of poultry and sent them for research to the Vinnytsia Regional […]