NKREKP does not fulfill the conditions of the “green” memorandum and violates the law

The National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Utilities (NCREP) violates the terms of the Memorandum and the Law №810 on the conditions for supporting the production of electricity from alternative sources in Ukraine. This opinion was expressed on January 6, 2021 by the Chairman of the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association Andriy Konechenkov during […]

Due to debts for the provided green electricity, the business is suing the state for 584 million hryvnias

At the end of October, the register of court decisions included 50 lawsuits from 43 companies against the state trader “Guaranteed Buyer”. It is the only operator in the country for the sale of electricity from renewable energy sources (RES). The total amount of claims is UAH 584 million. This is about 2.4% of the […]

25 thousand Ukrainians with solar stations are threatened by the abolition of green tariffs – the association

If the Constitutional Court cancels the “green” tariffs, 25,000 Ukrainians who have installed solar power plants on the roof, about 400 small businessmen and large businesses will suffer financial losses. In addition, there are monthly and bimonthly debts for electricity generated by prosumers and small businessmen. We will remind, on August 10 on the claim […]

Deputies passed a bill which provides for a reduction in tariffs for the commissioning of solar and wind energy facilities

The Verkhovna Rada adopted in general the bill №3658 on improving the conditions for supporting the production of electricity from alternative sources, which is designed to reduce and restructure the “green” tariff. The deputies also supported three amendments to the bill (№1203, №881, №939) proposed by the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Energy and Housing and […]

Reduction of “green tariff” for solar and wind power plants: government approves memorandum

On June 10, the Cabinet of Ministers agreed on a memorandum of understanding between the government and investors on renewable energy sources. Now it needs to be signed by the parties. The government is proposing a 15% reduction in the green tariff for solar power plants and 7.5% for wind farms. The memorandum provides: restructuring […]

The Ministry of Energy will try to reduce the “green” tariff without prolonging it

The Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection, in negotiations with investors in renewable energy sources (RES), intends to reach agreements on the restructuring of the “green” tariff without extending the payment period. All options under restructuring include such measures as: reduction of the “green” tariff, introduction of full financial responsibility for imbalances, cessation of construction […]

The court canceled the document that allowed the construction of a wind farm on Borzhava

On Wednesday, March 18, the Transcarpathian Regional Administrative Court overturned an environmental impact assessment that allowed a Turkish investor to build a wind farm in the Transcarpathian meadow of Borzhava. The corresponding decision was made by the judge of the Transcarpathian district administration Tatiana Skral, informed the community “Save Borzhava”. The community explained that the […]

Nearly 22,000 Ukrainian Families Save on Electricity by Installing Solar Panels

About 22,000 households in Ukraine use “clean” electricity by investing around € 450 million in solar panels (SESd). The total installed SESd capacity is over 553 MW. In the TOP-3 regions with the largest number of SES private households included: Dnipropetrovsk – more than 2,700; Ternopil – more than 2,000; Kyiv – almost 1,800. It […]

In Transcarpathia, the ODA’s opinion on the Borzava wind farm project is called for

Representatives of the Save Borzhava initiative group are publicly demanding the withdrawal of the opinion of the Department of Ecology and Natural Resources of Transcarpathian Regional State Administration regarding the construction of windmills in Borzhava meadows. Activists accuse the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration that the environmental department is, in fact, promoting and defending the devastating […]