150 times: The Council plans to increase fines for throwing garbage out of transport windows

A discarded bottle and wrapper from a window on the road can cost a “space” fine. The Verkhovna Rada decided to toughen the punishment for garbage on the roads. This is stated in the relevant bill “On Waste Management” (№2207-1-d). Currently, a warning or a fine of up to 17 hryvnias is provided for throwing […]

Ukraine will conduct a forest inventory: for the first time in more than 20 years

Соответствующий указ об инвентаризации подписал Президент Украины. Как сообщает Правительственный портал, после вступления в силу должны принять еще два необходимых документов: порядок организации и проведения Национальной инвентаризации лесов Украины и инструкцию по проведению Национальной инвентаризации лесов Украины. Держлисагентство владеет информацией только о 73% украинских лесов. Другие 27% находятся в подчинении различных органов власти, коммунальной собственности. […]

From now on, grass can be fined 153,000 hryvnias for arson

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a law amending some legislative acts of Ukraine in order to preserve the environment (to strengthen the responsibility for actions aimed at air pollution and destruction or damage to flora) (№ 2339). The Law of the Criminal Code of Ukraine stipulates that pollution or other change in the natural […]

The President of Ukraine signed amendments to the Amber Tax Code

The President has signed a law to reduce the rent rate for the use of amber for the extraction of amber. This is evidenced by the data on the page of the law No. 2241 on amendments to the tax code on the website of the Verkhovna Rada. It is noted that the document was […]

Forest Inventory of Ukraine: The Council adopted the bill at first reading

Ukraine has become one step closer to carrying out a national forest inventory. The Council adopted in the first reading a bill on the creation of legislative conditions for accounting for forests. 374 MPs voted in favor of the bill in the first reading. The explanatory note to the document states that an average of […]

The government has eliminated two marine environmental inspections

At a meeting on January 29, the government adopted a resolution eliminating two marine environmental inspections of the State Environmental Inspection of Ukraine – the State Azov Marine Environmental Inspection and the State Environmental Inspection of the Crimean Black Sea District. The purpose of the inspections was to strengthen environmental controls at ports. But instead […]

BP initiates a law on state environmental monitoring

MPs are pushing for a new law on state environmental surveillance that will give real mechanisms of influence and tighten controls, as well as make serious fines for environmental pollution. According to people’s deputies, many businesses today do not meet environmental standards. It is easier for the managers of such enterprises to pay fines that […]