Cattle breeders

In Bukovyna, the remains of a bird were dumped near a landfill

Hundreds of kilograms of poultry waste were found in a landfill in Bukovyna. The landfill is located at a distance of 7 km from Zastavna. On December 18, specialists of the Zastavnivska District State Hospital took samples of the material to exclude infectious diseases of poultry and sent them for research to the Vinnytsia Regional […]

In the Lviv region, on the territory of the Volevysok village council, soil contamination with animal waste was found

In July of this year, as part of the consideration of citizens’ appeals, the Inspectorate carried out measures of state control over compliance with environmental legislation on the territory of Volevysok village council of Zhovkva district of Lviv region. During the inspection, the specialists of the Instrumental and Laboratory Control Department of the Inspectorate took […]

In Volyn, the director of a state-owned enterprise will be tried for creating an illegal cattle burial ground

Under the procedural guidance of the Kovel Local Prosecutor’s Office, investigators of the Kovel Police Department have completed a pre-trial investigation into the criminal proceedings against the director of the Kovel branch of the state enterprise Ukrvetsanzavod. This was reported by the press service of the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, writes […]

The commission of thermal power plants and emergency situations was not allowed on the Zhovkva branch of Ukrvetsanzavod

The TEB and NA commissions failed to get to the Zhovkva branch of Ukrvetsanzavod. Due to the absence of the head, the guards did not let them into the enterprise. This was just announced on his Facebook page by Ihor Muravsky, a public inspector for environmental protection in the Lviv region. Today, the commission of […]

Residents of the village of Potoky, near Kremenchuk, sound the alarm: chickens killed at a poultry farm were buried near a water supply system

Residents of the village of Potoky, near Kremenchuk, are sounding the alarm. Hundreds of thousands of chickens, which recently suffocated at a local poultry farm, began to bury just in the ground near the road to Poltava. The preliminary cause of the bird’s death was an emergency power outage at the transformer substation on the […]

In Khust (Zakarpattia region) a cattle burial ground was set up at the enterprise

On the territory of the enterprise in Khust they created a cemetery, where for years the entrails of cattle gather and rot, emitting a corpse stench. Nearby – Khust district hospital, railway and car stations, people’s homes. A local resident reported a terrible cemetery on the territory of one of the enterprises in Khust. According […]

“Prykarpattya needs a scrap plant for meat production waste”, – State Consumer Service

On February 14, at a press conference at the State Consumer Service of the region, they said that the Carpathian region needed a utilization plant for animal by-products. nearly 24,000 tonnes of animal by-products were produced during production in the oblast, of which 5,6 thousand were disposed of in factories of other oblasts, 5,5 tonnes. […]

The dump of dead chicken was found in the Dnipropetrovsk region

In Dnipropetrovsk, residents of Shiroke village found a dump of dead chicken. Neither local nor official are aware of its origin. In addition to the stench and toxins that are gradually penetrating the soil and reservoirs of surrounding villages – local residents are worried about the death of chickens. About ten tonnes of dead chicken […]

An illegal livestock cemetery was found near Lviv

On Monday, February 3, residents and foresters of the village of Vorotsiv, located in the Yavoriv district about 10 km from Lviv, found several dozen pig carcasses. The remains of animals were dumped in the forest belt over the weekend. From here to the nearest settlement – about 1 km. Who did it is unknown. […]