Dumps: official and unofficial

Under the Poltava burning garbage dump

In the vicinity of Poltava, in the village of Makukhivka, rescuers liquidate a city dump fire. Burn solid household waste. The total fire area is about 0.04 hectares. The depth of gasses is roughly from 0.5 to 1 meter, according to DNS. The fire is localized. 12 firefighting personnel and 2nd State fire-fighting unit, as […]

The garbage dump near Uzhhorod grew year-on average, the garbage bin is 25 meters

The mountain of landfills in the Barvinok village, near Uzhhorod, for the year increased by 3 meters in an area of ​​2.5 hectares. But forecasts about the time of its operation have not changed – they will try to reach the overflow ground till the end of the year, because the new place is nowhere. […]

Anniversary of Gribovitskaya tragedy: no sentence, closure of cases and new scandals

Syagnim mine third party tragichno pozhezh on Gribovitskomu called. On November 30, 2016, the life of Chotirioh people was taken away, which exposed the problem; That way now, if you do not bother virution, you can’t be supervised by political and political scandals. Under the rubble of “smithic crisis”, the political rating measure of Lviv […]

In Novomoskovsk, the state of the air through the landfill does not meet the norms

Since April, specialists have recorded 11 violations of the air in the vicinity of the landfill site and other places in the city Dnepr May 27, 2019 15:55 This is reported by the Novomoskovsk city district department of laboratory research, reports Depo.Dnipro with reference to 0569. In the laboratory they were informed that since April […]

The landfill on the Cosmic Sumy is still in place

During recent years, the State Inspectorate of the Sumy region has repeatedly received appeals from residents of. Upper Peschany of the Kovpakivskyi district of Sumy concerning the clogging of the territory of the village with household and other garbage. Issues of elimination of unauthorized landfills and management of solid household waste have been repeatedly violated […]

Novoyavorivske landfill.

Novoyavorivske landfill.

The territory around Pirogovo is turned into a landfill.

The residents of Holosiivskyi district complain about the environmental problem associated with the land plot on the street. Pirogovsky way, 94a. This is a site in the vicinity of the landfill storage site # 5. The complaints and the situation as a whole were reported by Deputy Chairman of Kyiv City Council on Health Care and Social Protection Vadym Ivanchenko.

The Rules for rendering services on the domestic waste disposal are updated.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine by the Resolution No. 318 dated March 27, 2019 amended some of its resolutions, in particular, it set forth in the new wording the Rules for the provision of services for the disposal of domestic waste (the new title of the document - the Rules for the provision of services for the treatment of household waste).

Communal woods are turned into a landfill near the city of Kiev.

Dumpster in the woods. Irpin communal services illegally began to bring garbage to the forest in the village of Stoianka. Three weeks ago, residents of the village dump cleaned, but last Friday here again began to throw waste. In the situation, Alina Kozhukha was examined.

In the Ternopil region turned into a landfill National Park.

The mountains of garbage meet tourists at the foot of the mountain "Girls' cliffs" in Kremenets. The dump was set up by locals. Nepotrib accumulates there for years, they write in the "Typical Krymnet" community.

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