Protected areas

The fire destroyed trees in the Luhansk region in the amount of 3.5 thousand hectares. The estimated loss from the fires is UAH 450 million

The fire destroyed trees in an area of ​​3.5 thousand hectares. The estimated loss from the fires is 450 million hryvnias. And although large-scale fires have been extinguished, decay is still going on in some places, so the State Coinspection cannot yet calculate the exact amount of damage. In addition to the fact that the […]

The agricultural company destroyed almost 400 hectares of unique landscape in the Kherson region

The agrarian company plowed a large area of ​​virgin land in the vicinity of the village of Ochakivske, Holoprystan district, Kherson region, on the territory of the Kinburn Spit Regional Landscape Park and the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve. A total of 393 hectares of virgin land were plowed, which was never plowed even in Soviet […]

Fires in the Chornobyl zone: 5% of the reserve was destroyed

As a result of intense burning, certain plant groups were lost or severely damaged. During the fires in the Exclusion Zone, which have been going on since April 4, 11.5 thousand hectares of the Chornobyl Radiation and Ecological Biosphere Reserve have burned down – 5% of the territory. This was reported in the State Agency […]

The Cabinet of Ministers has made a decision to include the land cadastre in the nature protection areas

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has made a decision according to which the land cadastre will take into account nature protection territories. The relevant changes were made to the legislation, supplementing the Procedure for keeping the State Land Cadastre. This means that the Land Cadastre should reflect all types of nature conservation areas. All […]

On the territory of Shatsk National Park the lake Svityaz was shallowly shallow – the water receded by 50 meters

The shores of the Saints now resemble in some places the former Aral Sea, which is now almost completely extinct. The lake is very shallow and the water has receded 50 meters. Last year, because of the heat from the lake evaporated more water than it received. In addition, the situation is affected by artificial […]

In Yaremche region the valuable lands of the reserve have been returned into state ownership

The prosecutor’s office of the Ivano-Frankivsk region appealed to the Yaremche district court in the interests of the state to abolish the private ownership of especially valuable land of 1,1121 hectares worth UAH 7 million, which were in constant use of the Carpathian National Nature Park. The reason for submitting the statement of claim to […]

Sewerage leaks in Lviv for 10 years pollute Sknylivskyi Park

In Lviv, Sknylivskyi Park hosts the network and sewer collector of Lvivvodokanal, which eventually collapsed and ceased to function. As a result, for almost 10 years, the park has been polluted by sewerage leaks from the collector. In 2011, leakage from the sewage system started flowing into the park in an open way, spreading through […]