Protected areas

The “ Sulinsky ” reserve has found poachers who have caused damage to the state for the sum of more than 100 thousand hryvnias

  On December 5, 2019, at the Sulinskiy Reserve located on the border of Cherkasy and Poltava Oblasts, specialists of the State Inspectorate of the Central District and police officers of the water department of the RO of the Patrol Police Department in Cherkasy Oblast were detained for violations using ten nets with a mesh size of 65×65 mm, with […]

In Kharkiv region they are trying to return the state ownership of land Gomilshan Forests National Park

  The prosecutor’s office of the Kharkiv region, taking a principled and consistent position, continues its work in the direction of returning the illegally alienated especially valuable lands to the state under the object of the nature reserve fund of the Gomilshansky Forests National Park . As the deputy prosecutor Vladimir Anushkevych after registration 11.15.2019 in accordance with the criminal proceedings […]

In the Ternopil region, trees were cut in the territory of the Dniester Canyon Nature Reserve

Illegal felling of four trees on the basis of the health complex in one of the villages of the district was detected by the Buchach police department, informs the Ternopil Police Communication Department. At the scene, police found a chainsaw with which to cut wood. The area where the felling was carried out belongs to the […]

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