CO2 reduction

Air pollution engine exhaust Ukrainians are increasingly choosing “green” cars instead of traditional vehicles. Last year, sales of electric cars doubled, and this year they continue to move along an upward trajectory. Electric car – an ecological and economical mode of transport. It is convenient to use, does not pollute the air with harmful emissions […]

Garbage recycling

Kiev plant for recycling A company representative in Ukraine, Yevgeniy Maistruk, said that Altercom Limited, a trading company, had proposed to build a plant for the processing of unsorted municipal solid waste in Kiev. Altercom Limited will become a waste disposal investor in Ukraine. According to him, the plant construction project will be implemented in […]

Protection of the forest

Illegal felling of Carpathian young round wood Forest protection from the fires is one of the most difficult problems that the volunteers EcoControl actively participate in. The increase in the level of fire hazard in the forests is due to the rapid increase in the population’s attendance of forest massifs, as well as the burning […]

Water purification

Kharkov water treatment plant An experimental water treatment plant has been launched in Mariupol, which should solve the problem of drinking water in the city. This is due to the frequent damage to the South Donbass water conduit, which for many years was the main waterway of the city, and the search for alternative sources […]

Alternative energy

  Chernobyl solar power station and the sarcophagus reactor behind This was made possible by the opening of Solar Chernobyl in early October,which works within the framework of the Ukrainian-German consortium Rodina -Enerparc AG, the firstsolar power plant in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. However, the fact that the Chernobyl zone is a huge territory without […]

Protection of water bodies

Duck in a polluted swamp in Lviv region Water resources of the country – one of the sources of drinking water for the population. A long-term strategy for the development of water resources in Ukraine would better provide Ukrainian with drinking water, and the state could save money on water purification. In addition, taking into […]